Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chest Cold

For the past week, I've been sick. The first couple of days I stayed home and tried to get some much needed rest. That always does the trick. Fall asleep with runny nose and headache, wake up the next day magically restored!

Well, this particular cold didn't heal as quickly as I expected. In fact, I'm still fighting a cough. So I was forced to go to class and be THAT person. You know, the one who coughs at the exact moment the professor says something really important. The one who is continually blowing their nose. And god forbid THAT person runs out of tissue. Then its the constant sniffling to hold it all in. Yep, that me this entire week.

I spent much of my week (and weekend) in bed catching ZZZs and driving my boyfriend, Judge, crazy. Unfortunately, I missed out on a cool opportunity last Thursday. King Arthur Flour was doing free demonstrations on making perfect pies, tarts and sweet yeast breads at a nearby hotel in Lansing.

Honestly, I'd never heard of King Arthur Flour until I saw the ad in the newspaper. The demonstration was nearby and I love free, so I thought I'd try it out (that was before I got sick. :pout: ) Since I couldn't attend, I thought I'd look around on the website. King Arthur Flour is based in Vermont. They do tons of  cooking classes. The free demo was part of an annual cooking tour. It's not too late for those of you in Colorado or New England area. Dates for the demonstration and other nifty treats can be found on the website.


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