Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Challenge

Sorry I've been away guys (or mostly gals, but maybe I shouldn't assume) but I've been playing catch up with schoolwork. I have an exam next week and a group project to start. EEK!

Anywho, while on Spring Break (yes, it must be capitalized), I decided I wanted some chocolate chip cookies. So I pulled out a cookbook and grabbed a recipe. Chocolate chip cookies is a classic recipe. It should have been easy, right? Well, it wasn't. It was a complete disaster; and this isn't my first cookie disaster.

The first catastrophe occurred about a month ago. Instead of butter, I used margarine. Little did I know that it didn't have enough fat content. So, please learn from my mistakes. If you're going to use margarine make sure it has at least 65% vegetable oil, otherwise the cookies will spread too thin.

My most recent mistake involves my patience and inability to take my time. Yea, I know those are bad qualities to have in a baker but, hey, I'm working on it. Before I explain my mistake, I have a confession to make. I don't own a Kitchen Aid mixer. :GASP: It gets better, I don't even own a hand mixer. Shocking, right?

So here's the problem: Since I don't own a mixer and I'm short on patience, I end up adding too much flour at a time, thus I can't incorporate the ingredients properly. My dough turned out to be a dry crumbly mess. While I was on the verge of tears, my dad calmly told me to try again (he also said I owed him for the ingredients I wasted on the bad batch, pssh!)

So that's what I'm going to do! Keep going until I make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Boy, it's going to be a lot of chocolate, but I'm prepared.

Feel free to send any of your favorite chocolate chip cookies recipes.


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