Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Dinners

It's been a long time since I've had a Sunday Dinner. Not in a I don't eat on Sundays type of way, but in a meal created with love and enjoyed by family way. Since I've been away for college all of my Sundays are spent eating food in a cafe mostly full of people I don't know and prepared by people who could care less about me who are paid to do so.

So when my mom mentioned she wanted corned beef and cabbage, I knew this had to be a Sunday meal. After church, I got started right away cooking the 9 lbs (it was a big as a small baby!) corned beef and preparing the cabbage. It was a day long process but it was worth it. I got to prepare a meal with love for my family. We watched movies (Law Abiding Citizen is a must see!), enjoyed good food and there was dessert too.

There will be another post soon with details of my Sunday meal. Unfortunately, there aren't many photos since Judge decided to be a handy man instead of my photographer. He ended up helping my dad put together a rod for our drapes.

Does anybody else have memories of family Sunday dinners? I would love to here them.

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